Stress Less & Impress

Are you ready to stop scrambling with each new client, wasting time with back & forth emails, and stressing about things falling through the cracks?

Do you spend most of your time answering people’s questions & giving custom quotes, only to have your maybe client disappear on you?

Are you constantly wondering if you are oblivious to things you’re supposed to do as a freelancer?

Wondering how this freelance thing actually works?

You need a process.

Something to follow A-Z with each new client that keeps you sane, and your clients referring you like crazy.

Introducing Stress Less & Impress!

The self-study online course that shows you A-Z how to go from customer inquiry to raving testimonial (and all the steps in between).

Freelancing Process


  • Why a simple contact form is making you a slave to your inbox and what you need instead.
  • How to get your clients to stop shopping around and start saying “I WANT YOU”.
  • How to automate your contracts and invoices so setting up a new client takes less than 2 min & protect yourself when your client isn’t that “ideal client” you expected.
  • Why the Welcome Package is my secret weapon to setting up a project for success and to stop my clients buyers remorse in their tracks.
  • The exact software I use to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • It’s not over when it’s over! The secret to the Goodbye package and how it will save you time & turn your clients into referral machines.
  • The tricks to turning your clients from happy with the project to- can’t stop talking about it, referring all their friends.


  • Behind-the-scenes look at my process documents & templates so you can see exactly how I run my business.
  • Access to the SL&I Facebook group, for accountability and support from me and 200+ other alumni members.
  • How client boundaries can make or break your biz and which ones to have in place.
  • How to streamline your website to ensure the right customers are coming your way.
  • My best tips & tricks to stay on top of your blog & social media through automation.

Lesson Breakdown

“Katie“This course is pure gold”

Before SL&I, I was basically terrified to take on any more clients because I didn’t have a contract or any expectations in place! Whenever someone would email me for a quote I would feel totally stressed!

I now have a hire me form to weed out my not ideal clients and contract that makes me sooo good.  Totally de-stressed!

Anyone who runs a 1 to 1 business NEEDS this course. Case closed! You rock Leah, this course is pure gold.

Sarah Hart,



With Stress Less & Impress, you’ll be able to take on more work. You’ll easily attract clients and won’t need to spend as much time hard selling and marketing because your previous clients are doing the leg work for you.

  • You won’t feel awkward when a client asks for just one little extra thing because it should be easy, knowing exactly what to say to get paid for extra work and not look stingy.
  • You won’t have to wade through options of software to use for scheduling & invoicing & project management & more- I’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t and most importantly, why you need it.
  • You’ll feel confident managing multiple projects & clients at once (because your business will soon be bustling!) and trust that details aren’t falling through the cracks.
  • You’ll work more efficiently and won’t be bogged down by projects that drag on waaaayyy too long.
  • You’ll spend way less time getting a client from first inquiry to actually starting the work (admin boredom!) and your time will be spent focusing on the fun part- the project!


Ariadna Headshot
“Don’t waste your time, just get this course”

“At first I thought that “I could do it all by myself”, but I’m so happy I decided to buy it! It saved me SOOO much time (and stress!!) searching for the right solutions online and then trying them all out, etc. With the course materials I have everything all right there, tried and tested by Leah. You need to put a lot of effort into making your work with a client process run smoothly, so don’t waste your time, just get this course.

After you finish the course and implement everything you’ve learned, you will be a much more confident freelancer. You need to be a pro in what you do, but it’s the process that distinguishes a pro from an amateur. If you want to charge like a pro, you need to have a professional process.

The back-end of the course is well-designed and laid out clearly and the worksheets will guide you to the solution you are looking for. Leah is a great and encouraging teacher and has a sense of humor which makes the course fun.”

-Ariadna Wiczling, Web designer,

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“Well yes Leah, I imagine a streamlined process will help me stress less, but what will it do to impress?”

The easier your process is on your clients, the happier of a client they will be. When they don’t know what happens next, they’ll be just as frustrated as you. If the project drags on (even if it’s their fault), they’ll feel like you aren’t focused on THEM. And no matter how great your work is, if the process is frustrating, your client won’t love working with you.

And if they don’t love working with you– they’ll go elsewhere next time (and you’ll miss out on the magic of referral business).

This is great for you if:

  • You’ve just started freelancing, and have no idea how to actually function as a pro freelancer (i.e. what happens next when your clients are actually ready to hire you?)
  • You’ve been freelancing for awhile, and things are picking up, but the thought of a new client actually stresses you out (warning sign!). You’ve just been going with the flow so far….and you realize your flow can’t sustain a busy business.
  • You spend a lot of time in your email inbox: answering questions from potential clients, sending admin stuff, asking for things, receiving things- and honestly, even with gmail labels, it’s still a big mess.

This is not great for you if:

  • You don’t like change or putting in work up front for better results later.
  • You think you have a process in place, and feel like it will just take more time to change things up than you are currently wasting.
  • You buy a lot of courses, but aren’t good at taking action. This course is all about action. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get the results.

Halley Headshot“You’re losing clients and wasting time by not getting Stress Less and Impress. Never lose a client again from bad or nonexistent processes. Leah has you covered. It’s an amazing course!

– Halley Gray,

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Leah Kalamakis

I’m Leah, founder of The Freelance To Freedom Project.

I’ve gone from aspiring night & weekend freelancer, dreaming of new clients…to full-time, booked out in advance just from referrals from previous customers who loved my process.

I’ve gone from scrambling through projects with my head in the clouds, to a well-oiled I-could-easily-hand-over-all-of-this-to-a-VA freelancing machine. And I’m ready to show you how to do it too!


Jessica Testimonial“life-changing for my freelance biz”

This is the first online course I’ve ever signed up for. I was a little worried as I had heard stories of other people who always sign up for courses and never finish them, so I didn’t want to be one of those people! But Stress Less & Impress was life-changing for my freelance biz.

Before SL&I I didn’t have ANY processes set-up. Some clients got contracts, some didn’t. Contracts were totally different (from really simple, to really complex), just trying to figure out what worked. I was just going with the flow of whatever happened.

SL&I gave me a frame of reference for setting up processes in my business. With Hire Me forms, simpler contracts, and now a project “flow” to follow with each project, I’m not as scatter-brained! I’ve been able to save myself 1200 emails about budget, deadlines, etc. by having a strategic Hire Me form alone. I can know right off the bat if the project is do-able!

I loved the video format with check-lists. I’m also a visual person, so seeing the screencasts was really helpful.

I recommend SL&I to any and all freelancers and entrepreneurs that I know, because I really think it had a drastic influence/change in my business and helped me take the leap to freedom!

Jessica Freeman,


Honestly, this all sounds really boring. I’d rather take a course on how to get 10 new clients by tomorrow.
Do I need to use or purchase a specific tool or the one you use, to implement the lessons?
I hate systems and processes - I've read lots of blog posts on how important they are but don't think I'll actually do them.
How is the content delivered?
I'm not a web designer like you, will this still work for me?
What if it doesn't work for me? Can I get a refund?

Not sure if this is right for you? Questions?
Send me an email at

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“Katie“I’m so grateful I got this simple, amazing course.”

Before SL&I, I struggled with clearly defining projects so expectations are clear on both sides. Same with timelines, budgets and invoicing.

I unequivocally recommend this course to anyone in a creative business. The simple wisdom you’ll get could save you — no joke — 10 years of struggle in your creative business.

SL&I showed me that a clear process makes my work go smoothly. It’s as simple as that. Also, the specifics are right on. I got two big things from the course. One is a simple project flow that makes sense. That’s big picture thinking. The second is the details of how that looks and acts. Leah also presents options for how to do things which is great because it allows you to see what you want to do your own unique way.

Using project management software has drastically upgraded my business. So has using simple signed agreements. Setting clear project parameters has been so helpful and has helped avoid client misunderstandings and arguments. I can see where in the past something would have been a problem and it’s not now. Clients want these things that we may feel afraid of before trying them.

Knowing how to fit all the pieces together in a smart work process makes the difference between a chaotic business and a well-run one with happy clients.

This course can help you learn how to set boundaries that clients appreciate. Clients respect and want clear guidelines. It’s win/win with you and your clients.

Creative businesses commonly struggle with combining the creative process with necessary elements of being in a profitable business. A good process is the key. This course will help you create that. I’m so grateful I got this simple, amazing course.

Katie Geddes,


Sherri“I’ve signed up for a lot of courses over the last year and this was easily one of the best.”

I hesitated to sign up because I was worried it might be too much too soon, or too advanced, as I’m just starting up my business. But I was feeling generally overwhelmed and confused and not knowing where to begin. The course provided so much clarity on the types of processes and systems I need to set up to get my business started on the right foot. In hindsight I’m not sure why I worried as it was exactly what I needed!

The course was clear, easy to follow, to the point and beyond helpful. I’ve signed up for a lot of courses over the last year and this was easily one of the best.

This is a great class for newbie entrepreneurs who want to start on the right foot and no doubt more experienced folks can get a lot out of it too. I really love the experience of being part of the community forum on Facebook too. The members are so helpful!!!

Sherri Cameron,

Arlene Praise

Stacey“SL&I provided a clear structure and set of steps for me to follow”

As an established designer and having already implemented some of the items, I wasn’t sure where doing the course would still help me. What pushed me over the edge was coming back one day from a client meeting and finding a series of project delays resulting in complete overwhelm. I knew I had to get my systems “fixed” so this wouldn’t happen again.

I struggled with overwhelm and not having all my ducks in a row so to speak. I knew I had to get them done but finding the time and knowing what to do first was keeping me from actioning what I needed to do. SL&I provided a clear structure and set of steps for me to follow and explained the why behind the what.

The goodbye package lesson helped me the most significantly! I never even thought to do one of these and have suffered from not having a clear “end” to my projects. This has resulted in several projects just feeling like they keep going on and on and on. Without it, it made for a tricky situation in my case for when clients wanted to add extras to a project I’d just completed straight after I had done it. The goodbye package gave me a way of saying “it is finished” and then when new requests for modifications and extras came in, I could easily and confidently handle the situation and bundling it into a new project which is my preferred method of handling that.

Buy this if you want to get out of confusion and need the steps to take to add the kind of client service you are dreaming of providing but not knowing how.

Stacey Fuller,

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Alistair Testimonial“The upfront effort to get these in place is a small price to pay for the time it saves you later.”

Before SL&I, onboarding every new client was a different experience for me. I tried to learn from each one and streamline my processes, but ended up duplicating lots of work instead of having a workflow to go through with them.

I was sending and receiving so many back and forth messages, email was becoming a job in and of itself.

SL&I made me stop and think about my processes and systems, as well as giving me ideas about how I could make the whole interaction easier for my clients.

I never liked the fact that when someone hired me to help with technical things (like SEO, analytics or web dev.) I had to give them instructions on granting me access to their accounts etc. They were hiring me to help and it felt like I was giving them homework before I’d actually done anything myself (even though it was necessary).

With SL&I I realised I could onboard clients and walk them through such a process with an effective Welcome Package. It outlines everything they need to do, so they know what to expect. I also got to see the real value of a project management system from an “over the shoulder” viewpoint. Seeing how it makes your business run smoother was invaluable.

Anyone that runs an online service based business could benefit from this course because it so clearly demonstrates the benefit of setting up systems and processes. The upfront effort to get these in place is a small price to pay for the time it saves you later. Being able to see how someone else did it, and get recommendations for tools is also extremely useful.

Alistair Gill,

Nicole Praise

Nikki“Leah walks the talk!”

Before signing up for SL&I I struggled trying to figure out what “systems” and “applications” I needed to streamline my workflow for online business. Just deciding which one out of so many options for each part of the workflow process was difficult.

SL&I helped me understand which applications could best help me in the various steps of my workflow, and gave me some firsthand advice on the strengths of the top choices.

I am still getting everything fully implemented, but the fact that I was able to make so many decisions has been a huge help. It helps me significantly to feel solid about these decisions and move forward with all the other things I need to do and learn for my business.

The great thing about learning from Leah is that she walks the talk! All you have to do is read her blog and resources and you will know she is the real deal.

Nikki Lussier,

Sarah Praise

Natalia Headshot“This will save you countless hours and tons of frustration”

Starting your own business is STRESS.FULL. And when I checked out this course all I could think is how badly I wish I’d had this when I started out! It would have made a WORLD of difference. This course would have saved me from awkward, time-consuming emails, dealing with nightmare clients who don’t respect boundaries, and made me look way more pro from the start.

This will save you countless hours and tons of frustration. Seriously. Get it.

-Natalia Real,


CaraSL&I is a great class geared towards those who have started to pick up momentum in their freelance business. As soon as this phase starts everything happens so fast. Its easy to get overwhelmed and not know where to begin.

Leah’s help was exactly what I needed to get my butt in gear and to continue to gain the type of clients I want. Many thanks for being so honest and transparent about your process as its helped me so much with my business.

Cara Brown,

Sara Praise

QuoteEven though I’m a total newbie to freelancing- like, I have very few clients at moment because I only work in my free time/part time, I soon found myself scatterbrained and all over the place. I *needed* to set up a system and streamline my process. I didn’t even realize it’s importance until I saw the sales page for your program- and BAM. That’s when I knew THIS was the missing piece.

Everything Leah covers is vital to get a business running like a well-oiled machine and SL&I gives me the step-by-step guide to do just that! Whether you are new to freelancing or have been doing this for a while, I think everyone can benefit from the program you have to offer.Too often we undermine the importance of structure when it can save us so much time and mental energy.If you are a solopreneur- we need all the help we can get and believe it or not- it starts with systems and structure. (Something I learnt the hard way, but I’m grateful that I did learn it eventually!)

Kausar Azam,

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